Course Content  

•          What is drug and alcohol misuse?

•          Explore the reasons people misuse drugs and alcohol. The signs of alcohol abuse

•          Harm caused by drug and alcohol abuse – friends and family

•          What support services are available and how to access them.

•          The reasons why workplaces should focus on developing drug and alcohol awareness among all staff members.

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Substance Misuse Awareness Non-Accredited

Wednesday 6th March 2024 0930 – 1230

 Deadline for registration 22nd February 

Course Content  

• Explore the issue of substance misuse including the causes, signs and consequences.

• Identify illegal substances and the different categories of substances.

• The impact on society and societies’ attitudes towards substance misusers.

• Explore the law on substance misuse in England and Wales.  

On this course you will improve your knowledge and understanding of substance misuse and its’ potential impact on both individuals and society. As well as an in depth look into the possible causes, signs and consequences, you will also explore the law surrounding illegal substances including the different classifications of substances and a range of offences and their potential penalties. 

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This course is delivered on 7 Fridays from 1st March 2024.

This course covers the use of communication skills, whilst observing non-verbal behaviours and using active listening skills, including paraphrasing, reflection and summarising. Learners will use and evaluate the skill of questioning, probing and focusing. The three core conditions in the person-centred approach to counselling and the use of counselling skills will be assessed by the learners. Second level counselling will be explored in role-play situations. Learners will use and evaluate the skills of advanced empathy, confrontation and immediacy. Learners will examine BACP guidelines with an aim to protect counsellor and client.    

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This course is delivered on four Thursdays 11/04. 18/04, 25/04 & 9/05

Deadline for registration 3rd April.

Safeguarding is an important, complex, and broad subject. This level 2 course ensures you have an opportunity through discussion to reflect on and understand the main areas of safeguarding. This course will look at: 

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This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the autism spectrum, exploring its definition and various points within it. Participants will delve into the challenges commonly experienced by individuals on the autism spectrum, including sensory sensitivities and social communication difficulties, while also highlighting their unique strengths such as attention to detail and focused interests. The course will examine the impact of anxiety on individuals with autism and emphasise a person-centred approach to support, focusing on recognising individual needs, preferences, and strengths. Practical strategies will be outlined to effectively support individuals with autism, encompassing tailored interventions, communication techniques, and sensory regulation methods to promote a supportive environment and enhance overall well-being.

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This is a tutor-led online Learning in the Workplace course. The course is designed to provide the participants with a sound introduction to the concepts of a systematic approach to training. It builds the skills, knowledge and abilities that are required to be an effective trainer. 

Course Overview

This course is based on the training cycle, covering three main areas: planning, delivery, assessment.

The course will look at:

• Supporting learners needs

• Different learning styles

• Assessment methods and activities

• Planning a training session and resources

• Giving feedback

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This is a unique opportunity for career development. Ideal for anyone working in the hospitality industry or aspiring to work in a role that involves customer service skills. 

Course Overview   

The Receptionist skills course, will help you to gain valuable insights and techniques essential for excelling in a receptionist role. In this course, we emphasise the significance of good personal appearance, highlighting its pivotal role in creating positive first impressions. You will learn the art of greeting customers appropriately, cultivating a friendly and professional atmosphere. Additionally, we will focus on developing your skills in responding to customer queries within your own level of responsibility, ensuring clear and helpful communication. Moreover, you will understand the importance of recognising queries that exceed your purview and learn how to refer them to the appropriate channels for resolution. By mastering these key aspects, you will enhance your professionalism, customer satisfaction, and confidence in your receptionist role, creating a positive experience for everyone you interact with.    

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In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of ADHD. You’ll learn to define ADHD as an umbrella term, exploring its various facets and debunking common myths associated with the condition. By delving into factual information, you will be equipped to dispel these misconceptions effectively. Furthermore, the course will illuminate how ADHD might impact an individual, shedding light on the diverse ways it manifests. Additionally, you will explore related conditions that often coexist with ADHD, providing a holistic perspective on the challenges faced by individuals with this condition. This knowledge will empower you to navigate the complexities of ADHD and related conditions, fostering a more informed and compassionate approach to supporting those affected.

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