An interesting and exciting development has seen the project collaborating with Adult Learning Wales and the management team at HMP Berwyn to deliver a series of sessions as a pilot, exploring and introducing the concept of skills used in youth work that may prove beneficial for staff when dealing prisoners in the 18 to 25 year old category.

The six sessions that were conducted weekly during April and May 2023 were attended by over 80 individuals and the feedback received was both positive and proactive. What members had to say was very positive and contained suggestions, especially regarding aspects of the input where they felt greater depth and details would be of interest.

After completion of the initial 6 weekly session a review was conducted, and decisions made regarding the next steps. it was agreed that a further ten sessions would be delivered between the start of September and the end of March 2024. Future sessions would be delivered every three weeks and the session input would be adjusted to take into account information received in the feedback process.

A full review of the provision will be conducted at the end of March 2024